Green Grows the Grass

Recently, my dad came by for a visit.  Stepping out of his car, he said, “Hey, when do you plan to cut the grass? Do you need a hand with that?”

My dad (along with many others) seems to really want me to mow my lawn.  He gazes around my yard with a twitch at the side of his eye.  He makes little comments here and there, and sometimes just outright tells me what he thinks of my long, lush grass.

Here’s the thing – I’m not lazy.  My grass is long not because I’ve slacked in the yard maintenance department, but because I WANT it long.  I love it long. It is beautiful and soft and blows in the breeze.  It provides hiding places for feisty chicks as they chase each other around the yard.  It tickles my children’s legs as they run to a fro.  It provides free food for our goats, who are often tethered in the thickest patches of lawn.  Our grass is a habitat in and of itself, and who are we to cut it?

To me, lawn mowing is yet another act of control by humans on Nature.  We seem unable to relax and enjoy grass in it’s natural, beautiful state; instead, most folks spend a good deal of time, money and energy on keeping the lawn impossibly short, groomed, manicured.  Gas and electric lawnmowers are expensive hunks of metal that not only require a huge input to manufacture, but a large input to operate and maintain as well.  I have a hard enough time justifying using gas in my car to get myself from point A to point B – how on Earth can I justify using gas in a machine for the sole purpose of grooming an expanse of grass?  Beyond that, I’m a busy mama.  I spend my days caring for three small children, a handful of goats, a flock of chickens, vegetable gardens, two dogs, a large old farmhouse, and a never-shrinking mountain of laundry.  I just don’t care enough about keeping my grass short to add that chore to my sizable to-do list.  I’d much rather spend my free moments spinning yarn, knitting, crocheting, reading, baking or playing with my children.

I’ve yet to figure out just what this obsession with a well-manicured lawn is all about.  I think a freshly-mown lawn looks sad, damaged and injured in comparison to a long, lush lawn.  Our front yard is beautiful! The grass invites all sorts of birds, butterflies, and other sweet creatures.  It is a haven for our own animals as well, providing cool nooks and crannies in which to rest on a hot afternoon, and plenty of delicious lunchtime fare.

In my life, I endeavour to honour Mother Earth, not subdue Her and control Her.  Letting the grass grow as it pleases is part of this, however small an act it may be. And you know, an amazing thing happens when you let go of control and allow life to flow – you find unexpected beauty every time you blink your eyes.  Mama Earth is really that incredible.



8 thoughts on “Green Grows the Grass

  1. Yes! I am right there with you! All those delicious edibles hiding in the lawn, yum! I don’t understand the need for constant grass cutting nor the need to have only grass when wonderful native flowers will pop up if you give them a chance. Freshly cut grass sticks to everything and gets tracked all through the house, a big mess! You’ve given me some courage to tell my landlord I don’t want him cutting my grass all the time and that it’s nice how it is (which is laughable because as you know, I have hardly any grass to speak of, but there is a lovely yarrow patch I want to keep). Thanks for this!

    • Oh yes! Lets not forget wild edibles! There are so many in even the smallest patch of grass. Ohhhhh yummmmm.

      I detest the dried-out grass that gets tracked everywhere. And the way cut grass feels so prickly and rough on the feet. Yuck.

  2. Like a Meadow! Remember that book, Meadowview Street where the girl turns her yard into a meadow all starting with her wanting to save one beautiful wild flower. This book lead me to make more of our front yard a natural area and instead of plain grass we’ve got herbs, wild flowers and other things growing up there.
    However, we cut our back dinky little lawn often because it is where the dog does her business and also where my kids play and it is much easier to clean up dog litter when you can see it – plus it keeps the bugs down – here in the city we’re not allowed to have chickens for natural bug control – Morgan gets attacked by mosquitoes in long grass.
    Lastly – remember during the city worker strike – how beautiful the water front was with the long tall grasses and now they keep it so short and no one even walks on it – it is all just for show and the show isn’t even a good one lol 🙂

    • Oh, thanks for reminding me about that wonderful book! I’ll have to get my hands on that one for the kids 🙂

      The city was beautiful indeed when the workers were on strike. Makes a person realise how much of what we do is unnecessary busy work!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! In the townhouse condo where we live, people come every week to cut all the grass, but we keep our gate locked most of the time so they can’t come into our tiny yard to cut the grass. I think it looks nicer long, and also it gives me a chance to harvest the dandelions and plantain. 🙂

    Remember two years ago when the city workers were on strike and the grass in all the parks wasn’t being cut? The park across the street from us was GORGEOUS. The grass grew so long, and there were all kinds of wildflowers and butterflies, and I used to go sit there just to watch it wave in the breeze. I was so bummed out when the strike ended and they started cutting it again! Now the park is back to being ugly. They keep the grass super short.

    • The city strike was a glorious time, IMO. Nature came out in Her full glory and people were forced to think about the garbage they were producing. With nobody to whisk it all away every week, a lot of people actually started actively cutting down on the garbage they created! Yes, everything was gorgeous. The parks were superb. Can you believe how much money is spent on all this frivolous, unnecessary work? It boggles the mind.

      The image of you sitting in the park enjoying the tall grass is just lovely 🙂

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