Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

We have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately.  Today was a rainy kind of day, but we were lucky to have a break in the rain long enough to get more things planted.

Raina was my garden helper today. We planted plenty of squash all along the fence line with the intention of growing them vertically, up the fence.  Raina carefully made each little hole and dropped each precious seed inside, carefully covered one after the other, and asked her little seeds to grow.

After planting the seeds, we went over to check on the seeds that were planted last week.  “Look, Mama!” Raina called out.  “Little sprouts! Awww, they are so cute!”

Yes, these guys are coming along nicely!  They sprouted faster than I anticipated and they are growing fast.  Can’t wait for that delicious squash…

As my official garden helper, Raina helped me put together a pea trellis out of old curly willow branches.  We are hoping this latest planting of peas will be fruitful – a tricky goat ate our ready-to-harvest peas a few days ago, just before I went outside to collect them.  Sad!

The rest of the garden is flourishing.  Cucumbers are coming along well (these are the only starters that survived the attack of the bunny a few months back).

My beautiful thyme makes me think of my brother.  He gifted this plant to us last summer when we first moved here, and it was the first thing I planted on this farm.

Tomato flowers: small and simple, yet so beautiful.  I love tomato flowers.  There are many in the garden now, and plenty of tiny little green beginner tomatoes that will be juicy, mouth-watering goodness before we know it!

And look!  The radishes are almost ready, too!

There is something about being in the garden that fills me right up.  Maybe it’s the smell of the soil, or how a slight breeze feels so amazingly refreshing when you’re sweating in the sun.  Maybe it’s the delicious scent of basil and tomato plants that wafts over the garden, filling my senses as I dig and weed.  Maybe it’s the promise of mouth-watering food, of hard work well-paid.  Maybe it’s the peace that descends over us all when we’re out there – the quiet that falls over my children (the squabbling and whining always stops), the feeling of calm-centredness that takes root in my belly, the laid-back & relaxed way we interact with each other, the smiles and giggles and new discoveries.  Whatever it is, the garden does indeed fill me, and on many days there is no place I’d rather be.

Watching my children in the garden is nothing short of amazing, inspiring.  They look at everything with curiosity and a sense of innocent wonder, delighting in each new miracle of life.  Ladybugs, potato bugs, caterpillars, Earth worms, moths, butterflies, ants, golden rod, nettle, thistles, edible “weeds”, milk weed, grubs, “picker” plants – all of it brings forth exclamations of excitement and awe.  When we leave the garden, we are filthy, sweaty, and completely happy.

A few of our younger ladies have recently started laying.  See that egg, so small beside the rest?  When the hens first start to lay, their eggs are quite petite.  Raina loves these little eggs.  She cradles them in her hands, stroking the smooth shell and cooing over the cuteness, the tininess.


15 thoughts on “Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

  1. I love reading these posts. Raina looks so intent on her tasks. Do you have lots of earthworms at your place. I’ve noticed here I never see any so I ordered some eggs.


    • Raina takes her gardening duties very seriously 🙂 We’ve got tons of Earthworms here. I’ll have the kids collect some for you and we’ll bring them by.

  2. This makes my heart sing!

    Tomorrow I start taking the kids to the WECSA farm, we will care for the “ladies” and start working on the farm. I’m thrilled to be a part of this and I hope my littles take as much out of this as I hope they will.

  3. It looks wonderful! I planted our squash along the fence to grow vertically too, but so far I’ve had one problem after another. I’m praying for just a few squash at least! And that’s an adorable petite egg.

  4. Great photos Linds, I love the cat in action in the background! There have been so many small but glorious creature encounters during our daily garden tasks that I can barely remember! It seems that every little bug is a good candidate for a pet, gets a nice name, then falls or escapes and yet another one is found to marvel at, or to chase after. Then there are red clover treats or snow peas or lamb’s quarters to munch on as we work, or thistles to or mint to snip with scissors. Glorious days with the lightest of rain!

    • I love how they turn little wigglies into “pets”. Lynden’s thing is snails, the past few days. Before that it was weeks of worm obsession, and just a few days ago it was fish flies. Caterpillars, giant moths, ladybugs…

  5. what a sweet little helper!

    you are so right about being in the garden – i love being out there, especially in the morning and evening. it just sort of smooths out the emotional bumps of the day, doesn’t it? so peaceful and makes you feel grounded again.

  6. What a lovely post…I am so envious of the rockin’ pea trellis, so cool!!!

    You are so right about the calm and peace in the garden…pretty sure that is why the dishes and the laundry suffer at my house all gardening season 😉 KIm

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