Next Saturday is our first day at the market, and I’ve been madly spinning away so I’ll have a nice variety of yarns to put out.  This house has been filled with so many gorgeous fleeces and processed wools lately!  Each completed skein gets me thinking about a great knitting project I’d like to do, and how perfect this yarn would be… BUT I don’t have time for every knitting project I’ve been dreaming about, and I don’t have space to store the mountains of yarn I am amassing, and I need to finish the projects I have on the go already before I even think about starting new ones.  So this yarn will make it to the market without falling prey to my knitting needles.

There was one yarn, in particular, that I just couldn’t let go.  It’s New Zealand Wool, a natural slate grey colour.  The yarn just came out so beautifully that I couldn’t resist starting up a project with it, immediately.

I ended up with five skeins of this, two-ply, after also using some to ply with other colours for other beautiful skeins.  I looked at my five skeins of lovely yarn and envisioned a shawl.  Not just any shawl, no, this shawl needs to be wonderful and quirky.  I decided on the Bat Shawl –

Marvelous, isn’t it?  (This photo isn’t my shawl, it’s from the pattern page. Click on the photo to be taken to the free pattern!)  It’s so fun to knit!

I think I’m officially a fibre junkie.


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