Big City Adventure

This country mama, in need of a vacation, paid a visit to her city-slicker sister with Raina and Robin in tow.  We took a Greyhound bus up to Toronto on Sunday morning, arriving just in time for Toronto’s Pride Parade.

Raina loved every moment of her Toronto Pride experience.  It was surreal for me to see my wee little girl surrounded by so many thousands of people – one tiny part of a gigantic whole. It was her first time in the big city!

On Monday we explored High Park.  After hours in the wading pool and hours of walking woodland trails, Raina was thoroughly exhausted and took a good long nap in the grass.

When Raina awoke, we took a stroll through the High Park Zoo.  The kids fed ducks & geese, marveled over the size of the emus, and squealed in delight when a reindeer came right up to the fence to sniff their outstretched hands.

It was a long three days in the city – parades, splash pads, street dancing, yummy restaurants, High Park adventures, swimming pools, subway rides, new friends and so much fun.  By the time we boarded our homebound train last night, I was more than ready to return to my quite country life.


2 thoughts on “Big City Adventure

  1. I felt the same way — so much fun, adventure and excitement in the big city but oh so ready and grateful for the quietness, darkness and lack of people on the farm.

  2. The big city is definitely a place that although I like to visit, I’d never want to live! Driving in Toronto especially just raises my blood pressure a little bit higher than I want it. Glad to hear you guys had a fun time there!

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