Friday on the Farm

Today has been a glorious day – and it’s only noon!  We’ve still got plenty of this amazing day left ahead of us!

Early this morning, while the dew was still hanging like diamonds from the leaves, we ventured into the garden to do some weeding.  Look what we found!

Cucumbers! Lots and lots of cucumbers!

Nice, big, succulent cucumbers!

We couldn’t resist chomping into a few.  Mmmm… there’s nothing better than food fresh off the plant.  The taste is unbeatable!

While we were weeding, we found something else in the garden – something we’d rather not have found.

Cabbage moth caterpillars, all over our Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kholi rabi plants.  Argh!  Luckily, my children found great fun in plucking the caterpillars off of our plants, and happily spent over half an hour carefully examining each leaf on every plant, and dropping the caterpillars into a bucket.  By the time they were finished, they had over one hundred cabbage moth caterpillars in their bucket.  EWW!

So, what to do with all these garden peskies?

Feed them to the chickens!  Now THAT is natural pest control!

While we were busy plucking cabbage moth caterpillars off our plants, wee Robin was doing what he loves best –

– hanging with the goats!  This child loves, LOVES to be with the goats.  They are his favourite creatures, and he will spend hours following them around the yard as they graze.  They seem to love him too.  Maybe it’s the treats he happily hands over – apple cores, carrot stubs, melon rinds – or maybe they just sense how much he cares for them.  Whatever the connection, I’m glad they have it.

As I went about my farm chores this morning, I thought to myself that “chores” is really the wrong word to describe what I’m doing out there.  None of it feels like a chore, none of it is work.  It’s a daily dose of connection to the Earth, connection to our animals, fresh air, glorious sun.  It’s invigorating, uplifting, fulfilling, and all-around enjoyable.  The farm work grounds me, calms me, and fills me with purpose.  There is no place I’d rather be than out there in the yard taking care of this place.


11 thoughts on “Friday on the Farm

  1. Hey Linz, Now that the plants are well-established, could you let the chickens into the garden area for a bit each day to let them peck off all the caterpillars?

  2. Beautiful cukes! I am still trying to convince my plants to grow! I really want pickles but my 15+ plants aren’t cooperating!
    Thanks for the beautiful reminder that farm chores aren’t a “chore”. You are absolutely right!
    And– the reminder to check for little my green nemesis, my chickens love them as well!

  3. I didn’t spot any pests on our plants last week when we were out to tend the garden but I’m sure they’ll have made themselves comfy by this weekend and perhaps we’ll be bringing round an extra treat for your pest-control chicks 😉
    And cucumbers already – woohoo!

  4. What a great project for the kiddos! Once Katherine gets a bit older, I’ll have to entice her with this fun game. =) Enjoy all your beautiful produce!

  5. Sorry you had to find all those green worms, but happy that your chickens enjoyed them! Your eggs will have just that many more nutrients in them. 🙂

  6. Now that is the BEST way to dispose of those caterpillars. I wish I could turn my chickens loose in the garden once in awhile to take care of those types of problems, but I wouldn’t have a garden left if I did. How exciting to find the cucumbers! Ah, summer! 🙂

  7. i love how cucumbers seem to appear overnight. that worm picture was positively frightening! but the pic of robin with the goat was delectable, such yummy kissable babyness!! 🙂

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