Market Day

Today was another successful market day!  This week we were at the Amherstburg Farmers’ Market, and although it was much slower than the Downtown Windsor market last week, sales were decent and encouraging.

Last night my sister came to help me paint up a new sign.  Visual appeal, ya know?  There were a few compliments on the sign today, so I guess it had the effect I was hoping for.

My delightfully tangy Kombucha was a hit again.  I’ve come to realise that I’ll need to ferment at least three times as much for future market days.  Once I tell people what Kombucha is all about, it flies off the table!

ItchNoMore salve went fast again!  I was amazed by how many people didn’t have access to natural body care products.  There was a lot of enthusiasm over my shea butter & body care blends.

After two market days at two separate markets, I’ve learned a few things – bring way more than you think you will sell, and pack everything the night before.


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