Today was a lovely day.  We took a little road trip to visit some friends, and came home with our first sheep!  Lynden named her Sunflower.  She’s a Shetland ewe lamb from Thistlecroft Farm, and just the sweetest, most beautiful thing I ever did see.

Here she is, meeting one of the Araucana chickens.  It’s hard to see how lovely she is in such a small picture, but my camera is being fussy so I had to resort to using my phone.  Keep your eye open tomorrow for some sheep photos!

When we got home from our little day away, Jae had a yummy organic, wheat-free lasagna in the works.  I haven’t had lasagna in so long! What a treat!  With our dinner, we enjoyed a simple, delicious and utterly satisfying salad – organically grown leaf lettuce from a neighbour, and cucumber straight from our garden.  Mmm, so fresh and crisp!  Superb!

At the end of a day like this, I feel pretty satisfied with life.  I hope you all had a wonderful day, too!


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