Ramblings on Summer and Farm Life

Can we really be in August already?  These summer days seem to be slipping away from me much too quickly!  We get going from one day to the next, so busy and with such a long to-do list, and before we know it the days are getting shorter and I realise that Autumn is closer than I thought.

All my life I’ve struggled with this desire to slow down time, wanting to hold on to everything for just a little bit longer.  It’s only gotten worse since having children – they grow way too fast, change too fast, and throw too many curve balls.  We are approaching my first-born child’s fifth birthday, and I am certain there must be some kind of mistake, because there is no way nearly five years have passed since his birth.  It can’t be true!

So, where has the time gone, since I last updated this blog?  We’ve been busier than ever, mostly with errands and running around, market days and the preparation that precedes them.  The garden has not received as much attention as it deserves, but things are growing well and the Earth is bountiful.  Chickens are laying eggs, goats and sheep are grazing in the yard, Miss Molly is excelling in her training, and the children are growing like weeds.

Between the errands and farm chores and children and market, we had a very nice surprise here on the farm.  Baby number four is joining this family in the Spring!  Early pregnancy makes for a very tired and nauseous mama, but I’m determined to make the best of the rest of my summer and not let this ill-feeling bring me down.

There has been such joy in every day.  I’ve been totally wrapped up in love for my children and gratitude for this little farm we live on.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings on Summer and Farm Life

  1. Oh LIndsay! What wonderful news! And even more reason I find all you do so impressive. There will be a lovely spring on your farm, for certain. Hope you are feeling well and filled with all the joy there is to be found where you are.

  2. I am very happy for you! I don’t know how you can do everything you do, and I know what you mean about time flying with children. I suffered terribly in the first months with both my daughters, I hope you aren’t so bad. Take care of your self.

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