Life has been SO BUSY lately.  I guess that’s always the case, but it has felt even more so the past few weeks.  Here’s a glimpse of farm life, this last little while:

From the beginning, our birds have been completely free-range.  They enter and exit the coop as they like, they roam where they please.  A few hens breeched our garden fence and discovered the juicy green baby tomatoes in the garden, and we found ourselves with a problem.  How to keep those darned hens from eating our vegetables?  So Jae and I built a chicken tractor to keep the renegade hens contained.  I don’t like having them enclosed, but they seem quite happy in there and the tractor is moved every couple of days so they always have fresh grass and bugs to enjoy.  A compromise, of sorts.  The funny thing is, the chickens who are still on the outside, always seem to want to get in!


We have cucumbers coming out the wazoo.  Really! More than we can eat.  Our zucchini is starting to produce beautifully as well, and tomatoes are ripening.  Hundreds of dry beans have been collected.  We are eating fresh from the garden every day.  Rainbow chard is looking good, peas are growing nicely in the shade.  We live a life of abundance.


Herbs, herbs, herbs.  There’s lavender hanging in the kitchen window to dry (thanks, mama-in-law!!), nettle drying for tea, mint, sage… I love the sweet smells of herbs hanging to dry, filling the house with sensory wondrousness.  I can’t wait to expand my herb garden next season!


I’ve been knitting, crocheting and spinning like crazy lately, filling orders for yarn and hats and mitts.  I love the thought of little heads being kept toasty warm by something I’ve made, and other knitters creating lovely projects with my yarn.  It’s my way of sending love out into the world.  (I’m still filling orders for hats & mitts.  Contact me if you’d like to place an order!)

Yes, life is good and abundant.  I feel incredibly blessed.  The children and I have enjoyed so many wonderful days of play and exploration, soaking up the summer sun and enjoying all the small moments.  Alas, summer days are gone too soon…


2 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Oooh can those cucumbers! Make some sweet pickles or something! I love love love this season too.

    I’ve been on a knitting hiatus but I can’t wait to pick it up again with some special hand spun 🙂

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