Tomato Hornworms

Every summer, we wait for them.  Even when it looks like maybe they won’t come, we know it’s inevitable, only a matter of time.  Sure enough, summer after summer, they arrive with their voracious appetites and wreak havoc in the garden.

You know them, I’m sure.  Tomato hornworms.  Those nasty fat caterpillars that love tomato plants.  The ones the with the spike sticking up from the rear end.  The ones who look like they’ve come from another planet.

There’s only one thing to do once the tomato hornworms launch their attack on our plants: fight back.  A garden war.

Don’t worry, dear readers.  Although it LOOKS like our garden was totally decimated, in reality only three out of about 50 tomato plants suffered any extensive damage.  Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief.


2 thoughts on “Tomato Hornworms

  1. They are so gross!

    I’m seeing evidence, not only the half eaten tomatoes and the naked plants but piles and piles of poo under the plant – ewwwww. Unfortunately I’ve had horrible luck spotting them – it is an awful feeling KNOWING they are there somewhere destroying your plants but you just can’t spot them. I feel a surge of victory every single time I find the culprit and am able to remove it. Unlike Jae, however, I have to break the little part of the plant they are on – I just can’t grab them, even with gloves – just too squishy and grosssssssss.
    Cool chicken tractor!

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