Holiday Giveaway

In the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to do a little Holiday Giveaway.  I’m offering to one lucky reader a Sweetie Pie Beanie, infant-sized (0-3 months), in 100% wool.  This warm & cozy beanie was crocheted by me with love and good intentions, and I’d like nothing more than to know it’s keeping some sweet baby’s head warm this winter!

To enter the Giveaway: Leave a comment. Make sure you include your name, so I know who to contact when I select a winner.  I’d also love it if you were to tell me what your favourite item in my Etsy shop is – but that’s not mandatory. Winner will be chosen by random generator.

Entries close Friday evening at 9pm.

Good luck, dear readers! Thanks for following our trials and triumphs through 2011 – it’s been great, hasn’t it?




7 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway

  1. Very nice beanie. Did you use natural dyes on the wool? It looks like the colour that we get with woad. Nice look to your blog, too. Did you change something? It looks brighter.

    • Hi Chris,

      I wish I could say that I dyed this wool, but I did not. This was purchased at a local yarn shop.

      Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Nothing’s been changed recently 🙂

      Take care!


  2. What a fun idea! I checked out you etsy shop and I love the alpaca/bamboo yarn, lovely colours.

    I have no babies in my life at the moment, (and I am really far away!), so if I win, you can donate the beanie to a local hospital or charity for me.

    It has been an amazing year!

  3. Lindsay, I didn’t know you knitted so glad to see your blog:-) My fav in your Etsy store is the burnt orange and Bobble hat. If I win the beanie it is on its way to a midwife friend in NB who will birth around January’ish!

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