Handmade Holiday – Garlands

My kids saw a photo on the computer of a garland someone had made, and are crazy about the idea of making holiday garlands to string around the house. So, in the spirit of a handmade holiday, I’ve collected our favourite garland-making tutorials for you to enjoy. When we’re finished making ours, I’ll be sure to share our finished product!

Lynden’s favourite type of garland is a felted-ball garland – here’s a great little how-to that results in all sorts of lovely – Felted Garland from MegaCrafty.

Because Raina loves anything to do with paint and paper, she voted on this lovely Leaf Garland from The Present Family, though she’d like to do snowmen and top hats instead of leaves. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Here’s a beautiful paper-craft garland from Oh My! which I love, but realistically won’t get done in time for the holidays. This garland has made it’s way onto my list for something to do in mid-winter when we’re going stir crazy and we need a little something to brighten up the house – I’m thinking dinosaurs and fairies for the kids’ room.

I really love how into it the kids are about our handmade holiday, and how enthusiastic they are to create things with their own hands.  How have you been incorporating handmade into your home & holidays?


7 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday – Garlands

  1. Nice! I like paper snowflakes too. And stars. Bunting is an awesome scrap fabric busting project and you can make it reversible for more than one season.

  2. I like the idea for the painted paper one…maybe we will do that soon. I wanted to make a pretty fabric garland but I doubt I will end up having time for that. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Every year (without really thinking about the fact that I was making a garland!) I make gingerbread stars and poke a hole in the top (before baking, obviously) so that I can thread a red ribbon through (make a knot after each one) and hang them in windows and doorways. My dad always eats them and swears they aren’t stale (or dusty?!). Not sure how they taste but they sure are pretty 🙂

  4. Ooooo I like the painted one, especially because of how much of it can be in the kidlets’ control and how quickly the whole project will be completed. And I think we’ll take Raina’s idea and make snowfolk 🙂

    My crafty attempt this year comes from this blog: http://thecraftingfiend.blogspot.com/2011/07/modest-mermaid-doll-patterntutorial.html

    The darlings are crazy about mermaids and while they would be pleased to received a disney version I just can’t bring myself to buying that crap and if you look at those dolls they are border-line hoochies with low rise fronts and teeny bras, I love the modest component of this pattern I found – and so they’ll get their own momma-made mermaid/human doll to create their own adventures with. I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it exactly as the blog describes but I’m far enough along now that I know it will be close and so far I’m pleased with my efforts.

    Thanks for the garland ideas – the kids are keen to get holiday decorating…

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