Goat Stew

The other day, our billy goat (“Billy”, aptly enough) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Not wanting to let a perfectly good goat go to waste, Jae decided he’d take the opportunity to learn how to butcher a fairly large animal. Billy was hung up in the garage and Jae got to work, coming out on the other side with a good 20lbs or more of great-looking meat.

Now, everything I have read has said that an intact (not neutered, that is) billy goat will give meat that has an unpleasant “billy goat” taste to it. If you’ve ever smelled a billy goat, you know how putrid they are, and apparently this aroma carries over into the flavour of the meat. After Jae’s butchering job, I figured Billy would be fed to the dogs.

Jae had other plans. He got online and found a recipe for goat stew, then spent last evening in the kitchen. When he placed the steaming pot of stew in the centre of the dinner table, I served myself a bowl and took a big bite before I could think twice about it.

Oh, dear readers, I cannot tell you how disgusting the stew was. It had potential, to be sure, but the aroma of Billy certainly did lend flavour to the meat – a flavour I would have been happy to go my whole life without ever tasting. My stomach heaves even now, just at the thought of it.

Jae tried to be stoic and brave. He tried to choke down his stew. Alas, the taste of Billy overwhelmed him quickly, and he agreed that the rest of the meat was fit for the dogs. I spent a while taking the remaining chunks of meat out of the stew to toss to the dogs for dinner, and the rest of the pot was added to the compost pile.

I suppose when every goat source you have at your disposal warns against the nasty flavour of billy goat meat, it might be wise to take heed. Live and learn!


4 thoughts on “Goat Stew

  1. OH dear!


    When an animal, Deer, Moose, Goat is killed the males package has to be removed with in a half hour or the meat is no good.

    I do wish I could have seen Jae skin a goat. Next time kill it and cut the boys, it might taste a little better.


  2. I’m sitting here shaking my head wondering who this is that has taken over my friend’s blog lol. I think my gag reflex is reacting to your post – and I eat meat all the time! I’m curious how the kids reacted – it seems to me it would be quite different eating a mammal than eating chickens from the perspective of former vegetarians. So the dogs didn’t mind the meat?

    • The kids were horrified at the idea of Billy in a pot, and refused to take a taste. We wouldn’t have attempted to eat Billy if he hadn’t died on his own – no mammals in our diet! It was quite the experience, I tell you! I’ll stick to our chickens from here on in 🙂

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