Dino Goes Down Under

As you may recall, I made a stuffed dinosaur toy for my oldest son as part of our handmade holiday. I got some pretty good feedback on it, and decided to offer it as a made-to-order item in my Etsy shop.

I made DinoRoar with 100% wool (all but the eyes, that is). I love the way washed wool stuffs compared to polyfil, and the way a woolen toy feels compared to polyester or other fake fibres. Wool makes for such a warm, cuddly, cozy toy – perfect for little hands.

After spending Wednesday and Thursday knitting some serious green, today I was happy to send a new little DinoRoar off to the land down under – all the way to Australia! I hope the sweet stuffie has an uneventful journey and arrives on the other side of the planet safe and sound.

Oh, and Lynden’s DinoRoar? She’s gotten some serious love since Christmas-time. Lynden has to ward off his younger siblings when DinoRoar is around, because they’re always trying to steal her away. A successful gift, I think.


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