Renew & Repurpose

We’re always trying to cut costs around here without cutting our enjoyment of life, especially since Jae quit his job in favour of being home doing freelance work. So when we ran out of toilet paper the other day, I decided not to buy any more.

In my sewing room, I collect clothing that is looking too worn to make it back into the drawers or the donation bag, in hopes that I can cut them up and re-purpose them. There’s plenty of soft flannel piling up, perfect for making cloth “butt wipes”.

The first thing to come off the top of the pile was an old pyjama shirt of mine, acquired second-hand. It may be too worn to bother patching and fixing up now, but it’s perfect for cutting up! The remaining buttons went into my button box, and the shirt was transformed.

Snip, snip & sew, and VOILA! I give you…

Washable cloth butt wipes, quite possibly the easiest thing a mama could make! They look quite lovely, neatly folded on the back of the toilet. It’s a shame the lighting in the bathroom is so poor.

There you have it, a simple way to reduce waste, cut expenses, and reuse old materials!


10 thoughts on “Renew & Repurpose

  1. This is one step we still haven’t taken. We use paperless towels throughout the house, and do use cloth wipes for our daughter. However, I just have not been able to take this final step. I know it’s just the gross factor which probably isn’t as bad as i think it is. Maybe we’ll do a trial run when we get home.

    • Hi, Heather! The “gross factor” was what held me back from not doing this sooner, and now I wish I hadn’t been so silly! After my very first use of cloth wipes, I’m a total convert and I can’t see us going back – the cloth feels so much nicer! How did I live with toilet paper all these years? I urge you to give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised!

  2. I’ve got a pile of flannels backed with organic bamboo fleece that I forget to use every time we go, lol. It’s RIGHT there in front of the loo too, you’d think I’d clue in. I guess the trick is to not have any TP to default to.
    What about guests though? Not so sure they’d go for it OR that I’d want them using our cloths. Have to sort it all out eventually.

  3. I have made bum wipes out of recycled flannel baby blankets and would nicely wrap them with natural fiber ties and a tag that told how to make your own natural ‘wipee’ cleaner (especially for babies.) Water always worked fine for mine but there are some who prefer a bit more. I matched these with a jar of handmade calendula salve for clients. Everyone loved this.

    A friend in Mexico who lived in Spain for a while told me about a method she uses. She has never used toilet paper, but a bidet. She takes recycled water bottles (personal size) and makes a hole in the lid, fills with water and uses that for cleaning after a pee or poo while traveling or in the city, etc. She calls it her personal bidet (and has a real one in her home.) It is so much healthier too.

  4. This is a step I don’t think I will ever be able to take! You are far braver than I Lindsay! Good for you… you are truly inspiring and make me want to do more… but no TP may never happen with me; its a luxury I may not ever want to sacrifice. LOL!

  5. I used to use cloth for pee only – I really should again, the cloth does feel way better than even the most expensive brands of toilet paper. I guess I my hesitance is that when I fold laundry, I already have a million different little cloth whatnots – hankies, cleaning rags, napkins, cloth pads, etc. I know what they all are but when Chris helps me fold the laundry he gets confused on occasion! πŸ™‚

    • I keep our family cloth in a small cloth produce bag in a basket on the back of the toilet. Looks tidy with no folding necessary!

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