A Necklace to Birth With

I’ve been enjoying the Wooly Moss Roots blog for quite a while now, and always love looking at the new items the Wilson family puts up in their Etsy shop, Mystic Orb.

Imagine my delight when this lovely necklace appeared:

When I saw this beautiful Goddess, I knew She was meant to be around my neck while I labour. I don’t usually make purchases for myself (not even clothes!), but I went ahead and bought the necklace within moments of seeing the listing. I just couldn’t help myself.

Yesterday, my Goddess arrived in the mail, along with a little tin of Healing Salve for the new baby’s bottom from the Wilsons’ other shop, Wooly Moss Roots, and a lovely handwritten note from the Wilson family. What a pleasant surprise on a beautiful day! The Goddess pendant is even more lovely in real life than it is in photographs, and I was immediately in love. The feel of the sassafras wood is so pleasing – I can’t stop running my fingers over it, smooth and warm. And turquoise is my favourite stone, nearly the same colour as my sweet Raina’s eyes, and the birthstone of my husband. How perfect to have my Goddess made of turquoise inlay!

After Lynden took a turn wearing the Goddess pendant, She made Her way to my neck, where She’s been ever since. I fully intend to wear this necklace continually until the baby is born, a reminder of the Goddess wisdom and power of the Earth that all women have somewhere inside of them (even if it seems to be hiding for some – it is there!), a little symbol of strength and love to carry with me while I bring forth new life into the world.

So, thanks Wilson family! Your necklace has brought great happiness to this pregnant mama!


(And don’t worry, readers, soon I will post photos of my preggo belly as so many of you have requested, complete with my new Goddess pendant!)


2 thoughts on “A Necklace to Birth With

  1. Hello Lindsay!
    Thanks for sharing the link with me to this sweet blog post. We’re so glad that the necklace arrived before the baby. 🙂 And glad you like the salve too. Thanks so much for linking to our shops, we really appreciate it.
    What an enjoyable read to start my Friday morning.

    Love, Taryn

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