We’ve been anxiously awaiting the birth of this year’s goat kids. This evening, we arrived home to discover the Daisy had JUST given birth – to a stillborn kid. Oh, how our hearts broke. The tiny little kid was laying there in the corner of the barn, fresh and new and looking perfect, but not a breath of life in it. My children were so very disappointed and sad.

For her part, Daisy seems just fine. She passed the placenta with no problem, and soon after resumed eating and drinking as though nothing had happened. She doesn’t show any signs of distress, which is a relief and a blessing. Daisy, being bottle-raised by our children, holds a very special place in our hearts. It was getting to be pretty dark by the time we got things settled and we needed to call it a night, so in the earliest hours of the morning she will be milked for the first time.

Dinosaur is still quite pregnant and round. Lynden is hoping that she kids twins so that he and Raina will each have a baby goat to love.  He shed quite a few tears tonight over the poor little stillborn.


3 thoughts on “Freshening

  1. Is this the first kid, this doe has lost…You might want to get your herd checked for coccidiosis. I had some kids die at birth or shortly after. And this was determined to be the cause. The treatment is inexpensive and works well. Nasty tasting though. (I got a sample when the goat spit it back at me)

    • Hi Siobhan,

      Thanks for your feedback. This was Daisy’s very first kid. Luckily, we have a livestock vet in the extended family, and I will call him to come take a look & check for coccidiosis.

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