Yarn Along

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in Ginny’s Yarn Along, and I’ve got so much to share! There are lots of finished projects being worn around this house –

The “Bombay Love” shirt, newborn size for baby Gaia (all of my recent projects have been for Gaia!) – free pattern available HERE.  Lynden and Raina each selected a button for this little shirt. I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn for this project.

The simple vest I shared as a work in progress in my last Yarn Along post (free Ravelry download), which suits Gaia quite well if I do say so myself!  The yarn is Cascade Superwash 220, 100% wool, and incredibly soft.

And then I added my own variations to this sweet little baby vest, to jazz things up a bit –

Here it is with a cable down the front (go back a few blog posts to see a photo of Gaia sporting her lovely cabled vest!). This yarn is Galway Highland Heather, but I can’t for the life of me remember the colourway.

And here it is with a candle flame lace pattern. This, perhaps, is my favourite of the three vests. I knit it up in the three days after my water broke, before labour kicked in. The yarn is 100% wool, left over from my stash. Paton’s, I believe?

This is Gaia’s new little dress, which I crocheted the other day in just two hours (give or take a few minutes). Raina wants one of her own, so she and her sister can match. Free pattern is available HERE. These yarns are the same ones used for the “Bombay Love” shirt,100% cotton.

And lets not forget the “Aviatrix”, quite likely my favourite hat pattern, which knits up SO QUICKLY and is really freaking cute! This is a free Ravelry download. This yarn is a bamboo/wool blend from my stash left overs, nice and soft for a brand new head.

I also finished a pair of shorties, which I don’t have a photo of, that were modified from a pattern in Linda Permann’s book Little Crochet.

And if you’re looking for some good books to read, I’ve recently finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, which was not by any means a literary masterpiece but a very satisfying read nonetheless. It’s a great story with strong characters. Now I’m gobbling up Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones, which had me totally hooked in the first three pages.

What projects are you working on, dear readers? Have you read any great books lately?


8 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. oh my, lindsay! so much going on in your family! i haven’t checked your blog lately, so i just now caught up on it all… the new baby, the goats, the knitting… what an incredible amount of things you have going on! congratulations on your sweet new girl. your birth story is beautiful way to go trusting the process, mama. hope you are healed and rejuvenated and enjoying the lovely spring all around!

  2. oh what sweet little baby knits! Love how you altered the vest…my favorite is the red one too! And your little model is just precious!!!!

  3. Lindsay, thank for the comments on my blog- it is so lovely to come here and see your beautiful family and farm. Your knits are lovely- and that baby girl is perfect!

  4. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay……………you can crochet a baby dress in two hours???!!!!! Wow! Not to mention while you are waiting for labor to begin! Where do you get the energy and enthusiasm to do all this stuff. You have drive, girl!

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