Moving On

I haven’t written in quite a while, mostly because I haven’t felt as though I have anything of importance to write about, and partly because I’ve been incredibly busy living life.

My children and I have settled into a “new normal”. Single parenting has been a far better experience than I ever could have imagined, and I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve shared with my children over the past several months. Our farm is thriving, and it hasn’t been nearly the struggle I feared it would be to keep up with everything. Quite the opposite!

As with all good things, it is time for our adventures on this farm to come to an end. We were notified just before Christmas that our landlord will be selling this house, and so the kids and I have spent months house-hunting. We’ve found ourselves the perfect little homestead, near a national park and a beach! The sale was finalised today, and we will move one month from now.

So, this is the end of the Trinity Acres blog. Thank you, dear readers, for sharing this journey with me. It was so very rewarding for me to keep record of my experiences as I learned the ins and outs of small-scale homesteading, and I always appreciated the kind and loving comments you left for me.

I haven’t decided whether I will begin a blog when we move to our new place. I suppose if the interest is there, I’ll keep on with writing about the trials and triumphs of this way of life. For now, this is goodbye, and thank you.


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