Homesteading/Farming/Country Living

The Encyclopedia of Country Living – Carla Emery

This book has been a fantastic resource for me. Within these covers I have found all the answers to my questions – can I feed my rabbits spinach? Are my chicks too cold? How much space do I need to keep some sheep? Carla Emery has not disappointed me yet. She provides information about every aspect of farming you could imagine. I’d say this book is essential for anyone wanting to move towards a more self-sufficient life, whether in the country or in the city.


The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It – John Seymour

This book is pretty decent, though it’s more of a “coffee table book” than an in-depth resource or guide. Seymour lightly touches on all sorts of different aspects of self-sufficient living, but does not give enough detail. I highly doubt I’d be able to figure out how to successfully can my own food by relying on this book alone. However, there are some valuable tidbits within these covers, and I’m glad to have this one on my bookshelf.


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