Swinging into Summer

“Swinging” into Summer is hardly accurate. It feels more like we’re on a speeding train and Summer is a brick wall directly ahead of us! The days are passing way faster than I care for (but isn’t that always how it goes?). Life is bursting forth everywhere I turn, the baby is growing way too quickly, and my older children are more incredible with each passing day.

Summer on the farm is such a busy, hectic time. There are so many demands! At the end of the day, though, it’s all worth it, and there are an abundance of little rewards.

The chicks, who one month ago looked like this –

– now reside outside and look like this –
How quickly they change!

The rabbits are thriving on grass. They’ve escaped a couple of times, and so we’ve been playing around with various modifications to the rabbit tractor to prevent escape but still allow for grass-eating. (Stay tuned for an update on our rabbits!)

The farmers’ market opened on June 9th, and I was so happy to be back! We had a fabulous opening day, with way more sales than we anticipated and lots of folks from last year stopping by to say hello. The feelings of community and camaraderie that come out at the farmers’ market are so uplifting.

Here’s my market partner – her name is Juno. She’s a 12-week-old Border Collie, and absolutely fabulous!

We’ve also had a few births around this little farm over the past month –

Dinosaur finally birthed her kid, a beautiful little buckling whose name is Boots.

Platypus the duck went broody and sat on a rather large nest of eggs. Eight of them hatched last week, much to the delight of my children.

Yes, Summer is a busy time on this farm: chicks, bunnies, goat kids, ducklings, puppies, gardens, children…….. I feel as though I’m busy and working my butt off nearly every moment of the day. It’s good work, though, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Market Day

Today was another successful market day!  This week we were at the Amherstburg Farmers’ Market, and although it was much slower than the Downtown Windsor market last week, sales were decent and encouraging.

Last night my sister came to help me paint up a new sign.  Visual appeal, ya know?  There were a few compliments on the sign today, so I guess it had the effect I was hoping for.

My delightfully tangy Kombucha was a hit again.  I’ve come to realise that I’ll need to ferment at least three times as much for future market days.  Once I tell people what Kombucha is all about, it flies off the table!

ItchNoMore salve went fast again!  I was amazed by how many people didn’t have access to natural body care products.  There was a lot of enthusiasm over my shea butter & body care blends.

After two market days at two separate markets, I’ve learned a few things – bring way more than you think you will sell, and pack everything the night before.

To Market, To Market

Today was my first day selling at the market.  It was quite an adventure!  I’ll spare you the hilarious details, but suffice it to say that I was late getting there and had to rush madly to get set up. Once I was set up, however, my first market day was wonderful!  I had the pleasure of speaking to so many awesome people.  My Kombucha sold out pretty quickly.  My tea tree-lemon body butter sold out, and my ItchNoMore salve went fast, too.

Before today, I didn’t really know what to expect from the market.  My experience was beyond what I could have hoped for and by the time I packed up in the afternoon I was totally thrilled!  Despite arriving late and not having the setup that I had envisioned (or the quantity of goods that I had planned for), I made a decent number of sales and earned some good money.  Who could ask for more?

I can’t wait for next weekend!

PS. I am so grateful for my blog readers who came by and said hello.  There are more of you locals out there than I realised.  Thanks for your support!